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What We Do

Futbol 4 Dreams is a non-profit organization dedicated to sending soccer balls and sports material to children in need worldwide.

All of our soccer balls are personalized and hand decorated by volunteers. They deliver inspirational messages and positive images.

We believe a soccer ball is not only a toy, but also a way to communicate love, peace, hope and friendship.

History/Vision of our Organization 


Futbol 4 Dreams began in 2006 with the goal of sending 100 soccer balls to refugee children. Since then, with the support of volunteers and donations, the project has grown into an organization that runs high school clubs, works with schools internationally and has sent more than 3,000 soccer balls and sports material to children in several different countries. 

​Soccer is the most popular sport in the world; it's FUN, involves multiple players can be played by anyone, of any gender, and literally anywhere (from street alleys to professional soccer pitches).

All you need is a ball.

Unfortunately, many children lack the resources to purchase a ball of their own and they play with homemade and/or deteriorating equipment. Futbol 4 Dreams seeks to give these children and their communities a ball to play with. More importantly, we aim to share the game with them, extend our friendship and give them a gift that expresses how we feel about football: it's a fun, dynamic activity we can share together no matter who we are, where we come from, or where we are going.

Lets play.

Meet Our Team

Nicolette Iribarne

​    Nicolette started Futbol 4 Dreams in 2005, when she was 15, with the help of her family. A passionate traveler and soccer player herself, she has experienced firsthand how she can share the game with other players worldwide. Even when she couldn't communicate with players through language, it was never a problem on the field. When she made her first shipment of soccer balls she took the time to decorate them because she wanted the children who received them to know that they were special. The decorations were such a success that they are now an important part of the organization. Nicolette now lives in Europe and has recently worked with a public high school in Spain to collect and decorate soccer balls. She was lucky enough to personally deliver the balls and play soccer with children in Morocco.


Gabriela Iribarne

​   Gabriela Iribarne became an integral part of Futbol 4 Dreams when she started a club for the organization at her local high school (Laguna Hills High School, California). She quickly motivated her fellow students to become part of the club, and even though she is now studying at Rice University the club is still running. Gabriela has a special love and appreciation for soccer. Currently she plays competitively at her University, and she has recently played in the Under 20 Women's World Cup in Japan (summer 2012) for the Argentine national team. Gabriela is looking to start a club or chapter of Futbol 4 Dreams at Rice University in Houston, Texas. 

​​Tonya Iribarne and Enrique Iribarne

   Parents to both of the Iribarne girls, Tonya and Enrique have been the biggest believers and supporters of the organization since its initiation. Tonya is a Spanish teacher and helps her students run the Futbol 4 Dreams club at the high school. She is constantly motivating young people to get involved and publicizing the organization and club whenever possible. Enrique helps out with all the logistics for Futbol 4 Dreams, from shipping to paperwork he is always there to lend a hand. 

Futbol 4 Dreams Club at Laguna Hills High School and Tesoro High School

   Both of these clubs are student run and have been mayor contributors to the success of Futbol 4 Dreams. Laguna Hills High School's Futbol 4 Dreams Club has run several ball drives to collect donations and runs meetings where students can decorate soccer balls, share ideas, and learn about the organization. Some of the students themselves have even gotten the chance to distribute soccer balls in different countries.  Tesoro High School has also collected soccer material and distributed it in Ghana. We can't thank them enough for all their motivation, ideas and support! 



Chloe Christians

    Chloe Christians took leadership in futbol 4 dreams in early 2015.  She currently plays for SC Blues in hopes of pursuing her dreams of college soccer.  Playing the game herself she was initially drawn to the cause and now helps run the clubs at Laguna Hills and Los Alisos as well as managing shipments and donations.  


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